Monday, January 24, 2005

Y: The Last Man #28-29
writer: Brian K Vaughn
artist: Pia Guerra
published by Vertigo Comics

I still have no idea where this series is heading. As with my other monthly Vertigo must-have, Fables, every issue is a delightful surprise. I appreciate that.
To say that this is continuously one of the strongest ongoings out there would be an understatement. Brian K Vaughn hit the comics industry like a ton of bricks, and they've been smart enough to let him do his thing -- tell the stories he wants to tell. He's just so damn talented, and he makes it look easy.
When last we saw poor Yorrick, the last male left on the planet, he was keeling over -- perhaps finally stricken with the disease that wiped out half the earth's population (the male half) -- and mumbling about losing the ring he intended to give his girlfriend when he asked her to marry him. So, 355 heads out to find it, just in case it might have something to do with his mystery immunity to the plague.
Meanwhile, Yorrick's sister Hero wanders the streets looking for him, lost in her own mentally unstable head.
A showdown's a coming...and even that doesn't turn out quite like I'd have expected it to. Nor does Yorrick's illness. Issue 30 is going to finally have the major revelation of how Yorrick survived the plague. And maybe some ninjas.
Ninjas are cool.

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