Friday, January 14, 2005

Fables #31-33
writer: Bill Willingham
artist: Mark Buckingham
published by Vertigo Comics

Fabletown is in flux, after Prince Charming is elected mayor. The new administration takes over their offices, the old sloughs off to old haunts or parts unknown. With Beauty taking her office of deputy mayor, Snow White takes her new children up to The Farm to raise them until they can exist in the Mundy community and Bigby...well, he just disappears, after showing Beast some secrets he'll need to perform adequately as the new sheriff of Fabletown.
Couple that with a series of murders in Fabletown and The Farm that vex our favorite Fables, some skullduggery about possibly invading the Homelands in retaliation for the attack of the wooden soldiers...and things are heating up again in Fabletown. If you haven't picked up Fables yet and you have any inkling to read one of the smartest, most original books on the market, collect the trades. I love that I have no idea where the story is taking me, and I'm certain that if and when Willingham does decide to end the book, it'll be satisfying to say the least.
Have I the damn trades!!!

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