Thursday, March 31, 2005


Yep. That's the Terri Schiavo protest. Yep. That guy's a genius. Thank the gods for Ramones fans.
Yeah, Terri Schiavo is dead. Can we let her rest in peace now? Of course not. But, the autopsy will show that she was irreversably brain damaged, all the claims of her talking are about as accurate as a velvet painting of dogs playing poker and the Schindler family were a bunch of greedy, money-grubbing bastards who have taken millions in donations from gullible people only to sell the donor list off to make even more money. Classy.
Commentary done, on to the headlines...

Hey, Timmy...How Bad You Want that Merit Badge?

Why Do All Serial Killers Have Three Names? Shouldn't This Discourage White Trash from Naming Their Son Billy Ray Killsyourass?"

Show this Link to EVERY Republican You Know or This One

Only in Ohio

Maybe He'll Finally Get a Better Haircut

Something's Different Here...!
Yeah, I went and did it.
I put ads on Neurotrash.
Why? Well, first off, hopefully, to make some money. Why? Because money is good. I happen to like it. It might be the root of all evil, but I'm an evil man. Deal.
Secondly, if I actually DO start making money off of this site...I'd like to be able to reward my contibutors. Which might make them more apt to contribute more often (you guys know who I'm talkin' about...). Besides, if I can make other people some money and get paid myself...we all win.
Whatever. Click on 'em if you see something interesting. If you don't seen anything interesting, well, it's Google's fault.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Aliens Have Invaded!
Mars Attacks...NeurOTrasH!!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Time Waster, Thy Name is CONNECT FOUR
Danger: May Consume Your Life

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fun fan video for They Might Be Giants
Found this on boing boing, and I thought you might like it...

Interview with Tony Jaa
Tony Jaa, the hyperkinetic star of Ong Bak gave an interview to the good folks over at RetroCrush.
Seems the guy has his sites set on Hollywood. They won't know what hit 'em.
Thanks to Tim for pointing me in the direction.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A blog you MUST check out
The DRM Blog is a great clearinghouse for information about how Digital Rights Management technology affects us.
As more and more of us use digital media, we need to be aware of our rights as consumers of that media. For instance, did you know you only have rights to use your Napster To Go songs as long as you're a subscriber (and you won't be able to play any of those songs after your subscription expires, too). I didn't know that. Then again, I wasn't in a hurry to sign up with them.
The Intellectual Property companies, as they're going to end up being known, don't want us to own information any more. We need to be smart about how we use information and media so that we can retain our rights under Fair Use. If the IP corporations control the transmission of information, do you think that the creators will be better off? Nope. How about the public, if you only get company-cleared news (imagine nothing but Fox News all the time...)? Yeah, it's THAT bad.
Another organization you should look at is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (you'll see references to the EFF all over the DRM Blog). They really are the front line in the battle to protect the public's rights from the government, big business, or whoever wants to restrict the access to information we have in the Digital Age. Think of them as a cyberACLU.
You may not think it's a big deal yet, but it keeps getting bigger. When I started ranting about this shit back in 1995, people thought I was a revolutionary...and I came late into the game. Folks, if we don't pay attention, the future will roll right over us.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Mac Users Rejoice!!!
I was asked by a fellow Mac user to see if there was a way to play DVDs from a different region on the computer. Turns out it's even easier than we could have dreamed. (Kevin, JennJenn, all you civilized folk...this is for you)
The FREE and OPEN SOURCE (gotta love that) VLC media player will play DVDs...and doesn't seem to worry about that pesky region code. I've tested it. It works just fine. It might not be as sexy as the OSX DVD player, but WORKS.
VLC is also available for Windows, Linux, etc here.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

i found how to post here again...

yee haw!

now if i just had anything to post....other than to say that Ari should post, here, with the rest of us idiots.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Better Late Than Never
Found this link:
All Your Iraq Are Belong to US