Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hey, Blogger...Two letters...F.U.

So, Blogger Beta is out of Beta, right?
Everyone's supposed to be able to use the new system. Right?
Apparently, one or more of my blogs (likely this one, Ain't Insane Chatters Neat, Happy Hour and maybe my personal photoblog) contain too many posts to migrate to the new blogger. Which was supposed to change AS SOON AS THEY TOOK IT OUT OF BETA.
I believe the words I want to use to describe the folks at blogger are FUCKING ASSHATS. Geez. Is it out of Beta or not???

My guess is a resounding "NOT!".

Friday, December 22, 2006

Some days, I'm glad I live in a cave...

Otherwise, I'd have heard about a live-action remake of A Year Without a Santa Claus.

Something tells me I'd have gone on a rampage.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Best music video I've seen all year


"Window in the Skies" by U2

This really is a beautiful video. It doesn't hurt that the song is hopeful and transcendent sounding, but the mash-up of all the artists just makes this a celebration of music.
Great stuff.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The continuing saga of the Velvet Underground record...

from CNN:
Apparently, the winning bidder doesn't have the money. Back to square one. Penn Jillette, where are you???

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Early Christmas Gift for All of You...

via my e-buddy Jarrette, who killed me 13 times at Halo...

A Charlie Brown Christmas as performed by the cast of Scrubs.
Absolutely wonderful.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Adam's read Pro-Life?!?

This is taken partially from a comment I left on Drew McWeeny's blog. I've expanded it...a little.
The odd thing is, when I wrote my review of PRO-LIFE, I didn't talk about the acting, the direction or the FX work.
I just whined about the writing. When, in fact, it's not the writers' fault that the production schedule is so short and the budget is so tiny. The constraints of a budget are necessary, but occasionally they suck.
Here, they mostly sucked.
The acting in the episode was damn good. I might not have bought the father in the clinic with his wife and daughter. But that made his demise all the more satisfying for me. Perlman is gold even in the shitty Sci-Fi Originals he seems to be the star of half of, and in PRO-LIFE, you guys gave him some actual meat to chew on. He had to make an unsympathetic character human, and he did it with ease.
The direction by Carpenter was everything I expect out of a John Carpenter film. It might not be flashy and jump-cutty and it might not scream "Ooh, Ma! I'm a DIRECTOR now!". However, the man has skills. And he does the job better than almost anyone in the business. Yes, John Carpenter has made a dud or two. But even his failures are interesting to watch, and Pro-Life is no exception.
The FX work? Daaaaaaaaaamn. On a budget, KNB always impresses. If they'd had the time and money to deliver all the extra kills? I don't know that we'd be able to handle the bloodbath. In particular, the abrupt end of Sam shows just how damn disgusting these guys can be on no cash whatsoever.

Well, now I've read the script, thanks to McWeeny posting it on the web. The script has most of the payoff that's not in the episode, and it does it as old-school as possible. Showing things isn't nearly as effective as hinting at them. They knew they were working on a tight budget, and with little or no time. So, they kept as much as possible hidden.
The script plays coy with the viewer, not giving them a good look at the Father until it's time for Dwayne to shuffle off this mortal coil. The writers will just as soon have someone expire off-screen with a terrified, cut-off scream as they will show you a blood fountain when someone gets shot in the neck.
There's a douchebag over in the comments on Drew's blog who literally makes a laundry list of all the things he saw wrong with Pro-Life. Suffice it to say, I'd like to not be that douchebag. Then again, I paid attention to the episode and 1) understood that Dr Morgan's office wasn't very near to where Angelique was giving birth. Or 2) that Dr Morgan was kind of twitchy and had collected an arsenal to protect his VERY REMOTELY LOCATED clinic (Which is why 3) cell phones wouldn't work. As to why the land lines wouldn't, the douche really should have watched the episode.). And yes, 4) abortion clinics operate on skeleton staffs -- not a lot of people want to work there, and it's not safe to have large numbers of people in the place when certain groups are trying to infiltrate them, much as animal testing facilities keep personnel to a minimum.
If nothing else, reading the script has given me a bit of an education at how things can change in the course of production. And how money (or a lack of it) can drive creative decisions on a film. Comparing and contrasting the written page to the finished product is always interesting. And with a bit of feedback from one of the creators, the level of insight is enlightening to say the least.
As McWeeny said on his blog, "I wish it could have been a half-hour longer and that we had another $2 million to spend." With the extra running time, and with a slightly higher budget, Pro-Life could have been polished from a flawed rock into a gem.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where have all the headlines gone?

Well, I've been toying with some changes to the ol' blog, and one of them was bringing back the old feature of posting headlines, occasionally with my pissed-off commentary.
Since I set up a forum (that no one uses), I've been putting them there.
If you were to WANT to check them out, head over to the forum. You can even REGISTER. And POST your own links/rants/etc.
Have I mentioned that there's a forum?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Inland Empire trailer!


Possibly the Coolest eBay Auction of All Time

from Evan Dorkin:

Someone is selling what truly does appear to be the acetate of the original sessions/mix of Andy Warhol Presents the Velvet Underground and Nico.
The saying that "Only a thousand people ever bought the record when it came out, but each of those thousand founded a band" is pretty close to true. This could quite possibly be one of the most important musical finds in the history of rock, and why a label hasn't snapped this up and released it (or why Penn Jillette hasn't gotten his greedy lil' paws on it) just boggles the mind.
Let's hope this can be cleaned up and released on CD (and vinyl) for future generations. Then, put the record into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.