Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well, Someone Has to do It

Hello, Hello, folks. I feel I have a responsibility to keep Neurotrash alive in Adam's absence. Not that I am anywhere near a level of a movie freak that Adam was, but here I am writing all the same.

SO, Today's topic is Adam's beloved and much anticipated

I finally saw the full trailer the other day, after seeing the teaser all over God's green earth. However, in my defense, Adam was who I watched most movies with so I naturally lost something of my desire to see movies sans the Big Man. BUT BUT BUT... Then comes the Iron Man trailer. DAMN! Check it out for yourself and you tell me you have no desire to see this movie!

Iron Man - Theatrical Trailer

Right, now that you have a bit of a tent pitching there, let's get some tech specs in here and give you time to settle down...

RUNTIME- Unknown
ASPECT RATIO- Scope or 2.35:1 (if you do not know what this is just ask and I can clue you in)
RATING- Unknown (though most likely PG-13)

Director- Jon Favreau (yes that guy from Swingers)
Producer- (too many to list, though Stan Lee is amongst them, naturally)
Writers- Mark Fergus (screenplay) & Hawk Ostby (screenplay)

Right. Now back to the goods. Let us start with Robert as the leading man, Tony Stark. Not only do I think that this was a perfect selection for this role, I am glad the Robert is still getting some sweet roles and parts. This is a throw back to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for me as I think that was again, perfect casting. I think we will see Mr. Downy, Jr. not only do well with this character but excel with it. This sort of role, the tough-yet-suave-and-playboy type of role. It seems to it him like a love from what I can tell from the trailer. And a high five and a big thanks go to however stuck to the basic concept of the iron suit! How many times have we seen a known, nay iconic, character ripped apart for the sake of Hollywood. I think that this time we will see a concept that has stuck to the original idea, thereby satisfying all you Fan Boys out there. I know Adam was happy when he saw images of the initial suit that Stark makes in captivity. I seem to recall a phone call from Adam that started out something like this... "DID YOU SEE THE FUCKING SUIT??!!!!"

Well, I hope everyone is excited for this picture as it was one that Adam was anticipating with bated breath, as it were.

ON A SEPARATE NOTE: This year's Sci-FI Marathon will be held at the Drexel East Theater in Columbus, OH on April 19th. It was Adam's favorite movie-going experience and I hope to meet some of Adam's friends there!

Cheers, All.

- K -