Thursday, March 31, 2005


Yep. That's the Terri Schiavo protest. Yep. That guy's a genius. Thank the gods for Ramones fans.
Yeah, Terri Schiavo is dead. Can we let her rest in peace now? Of course not. But, the autopsy will show that she was irreversably brain damaged, all the claims of her talking are about as accurate as a velvet painting of dogs playing poker and the Schindler family were a bunch of greedy, money-grubbing bastards who have taken millions in donations from gullible people only to sell the donor list off to make even more money. Classy.
Commentary done, on to the headlines...

Hey, Timmy...How Bad You Want that Merit Badge?

Why Do All Serial Killers Have Three Names? Shouldn't This Discourage White Trash from Naming Their Son Billy Ray Killsyourass?"

Show this Link to EVERY Republican You Know or This One

Only in Ohio

Maybe He'll Finally Get a Better Haircut

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