Friday, January 21, 2005

Commentary Review -- Dodgeball

On this commentary you get Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn chatting like gal pals of a cup of mocha lattee, and director Rawson Marshall Thurber tagging along like the unwanted little sister in pigtails toting a teddy bear and sucking her thumb. They end up discussing the fairly mundane issues about the film, mostly logistical details such as Ben calling up folks for cameos, but do get into Thurber's writing process a bit. You're certainly not going to understand how Vaughn works or how Stiller works after this commentary. You're not going understand how such an unlikely film got made really. You will learn that they all had to read guideline's from Fox before making the commentary, and that they all managed to muster up somewhere between seven and eight ounces of enthusiasm for this movie.

In short this commentary is a long slow walk to no-where land population--boredom.

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