Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Walking Dead #13-14

writer: Robert Kirkman
artist: Charlie Adlard
published by Image Comics

Rick and company stumble upon an abandoned prison, thinking it might be a secure place where they can rest. Quickly, they find it's not the case. The zombies have overrun the prision, much like every other space they've found to this point. However, they have a plan this time.
They systematically clear the yard and then enter a cellblock, where they find that they're not alone. Four prisoners have survived, locked in the mess hall.
The prison secured, Rick travels back to Herschel's farm and persuades him to bring his family to the prison. With Herschel's knowledge as a farmer, they can grow food on the prison grounds and actually make the facility a liveable community. Things are looking up for the survivors.
And then things go south. Bad things happen. Kirkman never lets his characters get complacent in the hostile world of the living dead, and it's rather apparent that no one is safe. It's such an honest, human approach to the story...and it's probably my favorite read every month.

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