Thursday, January 13, 2005

Identity Crisis #6-7 (of 7)

writer: Brad Meltzer
artist: Rags Morales
published by DC Comics

So, now Jack Drake (father of Tim Drake, the current Robin) and Captain Boomerang are dead. Understandably, Batman's not happy about it. As the series winds down, the parallel investigations all come crashing in together, and the horrible truth is...heroes, and the people around them, are all too fragile and human.
The darkness this series has introduced into the DC Universe can be erased. They've remade the DCU enough times to know that no change is completely permanent.
But, why bother? The series has diminished some of the heroes, yes. But, since when is it bad to be human? To make mistakes? Even when those mistakes have far-reaching consequences, it's our mistakes that drive us more than our successes, isn't it?
Damn fine series. I hope Meltzer's got another funny book in him...

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