Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Check out the Trailer! Trailorificness

I finally bought a copy of Returner. I brought it home, and rammed into the DVD player with quivering fingers. This Takashi Yamazaki film blends Terminator, ET, and matrix while coming up with its own reality.

For my money there just isn't enough Sci Fi around, and this film brings home some of what I love the best about the genre. You've got Takeshi Kaneshiro making like Keenu Reeves in all that sweet-black-trenchcoat-wearing-kung-fu-kicking goodness. I really like that Yamazaki didn't make Kaneshiro's Miyamoto the typical emotionless killing hero. Miyamoto weeps and bickers and whines (and boy isn't that refreshing! Then there's Goro Kishitani doing his impression of psycho with a gun.

But none of this prepares you for the delightful performances of Anne Suzuki playing the time traveling Milly or Kirin Kiki playing Xie, the aged intelligence and explosives expert, with grandmotherly charm.

Oh my God and the CGI kicks ass.

Everyone in the entire world should go out and buy this film right now to encourage more films just like it!

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