Friday, January 14, 2005

The Ultimates 2 #1-2)
writer: Mark Millar
artist: Bryan Hitch
published by Marvel Comics

For the record, I still think Mark Millar did his definitive take on the Avengers in the pages of The Authority way back when. Sure, it was mean and cruel and just plain rotten, but it was a great fucking read and I enjoyed the hell out of it...enough to buy the bigass slipcase hardcover apparently.
Still, I'm enjoying The Ultimates. There's enough golly-gee-wiz moments in it to forgive the occasional Freddie Prinz Jr. reference. Hell, I appreciate that they already dream-casted the group, though I can't recognize all the actors quite yet (though Brad Pitt as Thor and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury are both inspired choices).
Oddly, after the erratic nature of the first storyline, I think Millar's got his ducks in a row this time. Things move...and you have an idea of what's going on for a change. I enjoyed the first "season" of The Ultimates quite a bit, but it's looking like I'm gonna enjoy season 2 even more.

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