Friday, January 14, 2005

Ultimate Fantastic Four #13-14
writer: Warren Ellis
artist: Adam Kubert
published by Marvel Comics

Warren Ellis continues hie retelling of the Fantastic Four's early adventures with the beginnings of a foray into the Negative Zone, called the N-Zone in the Ultimate universe (how catchy...yawn).
So far, Ellis' run has suffered from the typical complaint with Ultimate books...fiddling with the past. Not just organic armor for Dr Doom (coming soon to a theater near you...ugh). Just general revisionism and crapttude.
Making the FF a military funded thinktank might seem realistic, but it flies in the face of their Marvel Universe identities as scientific adventurers, beholden to no one. Instead, everything about them has to have a military application.
Don't get me started on the dialogue, either. Ellis probably writes Ultimate Fantastic Four when he first gets up in the morning, and hasn't yet had his first cuppa.
He can do better. And usually does.

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