Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Black Widow #4
writer: Richard K Morgan
artist: Goran Parlov (with Bill Sienkiewicz)
published by Marvel Knights

I started buying this mini for one reason: Bill Sienkiewicz. He's my favorite comic book artist. He makes comics pages look like high art. And dammit, if they didn't immediately put Goran Pavlov on just so he'd end up pencilling the rest of it. They call it "layouts" but you know what that means. He'd doing the fucking art.
I hope it's not because Sienkiewicz is getting slow in his old age. Because that would suck. His art is so damn primal, it just rips into my brain and stomps my gray matter to ruin.
Sad that I am about the art not being pure Sienkiewicz greatness, this isn't a bad book at all. Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow is finding out things bout her past as a Russian agent that she never knew before...for instance, she wasn't recruited out of the Bolshoi Ballet...and there were 27 OTHER Black Widows out there at one time. As far as espianoge tales go, this is a damn fine one.
So, disappointment about the art aside (and I'm not really that disappointed...because every once in a while, a really black, inky Sienkiewicz panel pops up in there), I'm in this LS until the conclusion.

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