Thursday, January 13, 2005

JSA #68-69

writer: Geoff Johns
artist: Don Kramer
published DC Comics

If you have read any of my comic reviews, you'd know that Geoff Johns writes bettter superheroes than just about anyone on the planet. JSA is my go-to book. The one I know will be awesome month after month.
This storyline, titled "JSA/JSA" promises to be nothing less. The time travelling fascist Degaton is out to erase the JSA by striking at a critical point in their history, the HUAC hearings in the 50s...when elements of the government tried to put them out of business for concealing their identities and not working directly for the government. See, without the JSA to inspire a new generation of heroes, no nobody. Everyone would be too afraid to act, or they'd end up under the control of the government.
A time guardian named Rip Hunter grabs the few current JSAers he can from the present and takes them back to convince the original JSA to reform. But, things aren't so hunky dory. For one, they need the help of Atom Smasher, who's gone off with Black Adam to mete out a rougher form of justice...and who's now having serious doubts about his role as a hero. For another Ted Knight, the original Starman, is in a mental institution...and when Stargirl goes to confront him, she gets captured and institutionalized herself...Bad juju on the horizon for the JSA.

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