Monday, January 24, 2005

Ocean #2-3 (of 6)
writer: Warren Ellis
artist: Chris Sprouse
published by DC/Wildstorm Signature Series

So, there's a bunch of coffins under Europa's ocean...and they're a prehuman race, a billion years old.
Nathan Kane and the crew of the Europa UN mission have to uncover who they are and what they're doing there...and quick. There's also a weapon of some kind in the water with the capsules, which is why they sent a weapons inspector out first.
The Doors corporation, a future analogue of Microsoft, is already studying the coffins and the weapon system and they're about ready to have the weapons online. Kane takes a jaunt over to their station and finds that corporate life has gotten rougher in the future. The Doors workers are subjected to a corporate personality implant that directs how they act, respond and even move. Of course, as with all programming...mistakes can happen.
It's an interesting hard sci-fi story from one of the more interesting writers working today. I'm positive it'll be collected, so by all means, check it out.

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