Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ocean #1 (of 6)

writer: Warren Ellis
artist: Chris Sprouse
published by Wildstorm Signature Series/DC Comics

Warren Ellis is a hard man to pigeon hole. But, that's a good thing. A writer can't pen themselves into one genre without limiting the stories they'd be able to tell.
Ocean is another of his forays into hard sci-fi, with perhaps a twinge of mystery. Perhaps, just because you don't find out jack in the first issue. You meet the main charater, Inspector Nathan Kane, he travels around a bit, and kicks the shit out of some hitmen. Then he goes to Europa, the ocean covered moon of Jupiter. In the beginning of the book we're promised coffins with people in them under the water...but we don't see any more of them by issue's end. I'm hoping there's less padding coming...

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