Sunday, May 08, 2005


Rick Scarborough and his "Patriot Pastors" want to change Senate rules so that Democrats can't block Republican judicial nominees with the filibuster...Ummm...Separation of Church and State, anyone???

Speaking of the Separation of Church and State...a pastor in North Carolina is kicking people out of his congregation for not supporting President Bush. Really!!! And all this time, I thought your politics, like your religion, was supposed to be a private matter...

In possibly the most statemanlike address of his political career, Dubya calls Russia to task for not acknowledging the subjugation of Eastern Europe after WWII and admits that the US was partially at fault for dividing Europe into "armed camps". Where's this guy been for the last four years?

A study by the AP shows that the death penalty in Ohio is applied inconsistently and motivated in part by race. Which, of course, flies in the face of everything death penalty proponents will tell you. Isn't it time we just got rid of it?

A Mexican mob attempts to lynch six accused witches. Meanwhile, Ann Coulter still breathes. And makes the beast with two backs with Satan.

Gee. All that tech that Homeland Security spent untold billions on doesn't work. Why am I not surprised in the slightest???

Republicans try to take the fight against the Filibuster to the streets. Of course, when they wanted to use it when they weren't in the majority...that was PERFECTLY FINE...

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