Monday, May 16, 2005

'Intelligent design' proponents want to change the definition of science to "a systematic method of continuing investigation" instead of the accepted definition of empirical study of observed evidence. What this means is, they want to open science up to supernatural causes for natural actions. OK. Fine. I'm all for that. Except...Lightning is caused by Thor, fuckers. Jesus has nothing do to with lightning. Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about Jesus calling down lightning, so I say it's Thor. Don't like it? You started it. It's Thor's intelligence that designed thunder and lightning. And Dionysis? He created grapes and taught men how to make wine out of it. So when you Catholic doofs have're celebrating a Greek god. SHUT THE HELL UP AND ACCEPT SCIENTIFIC FACT, YOU IDIOTS! (CNN)

The OTHER move to reform Social Security: keeping your SSN for government use only...makes sense in theory, but then credit agencies will just end up making a NEW number for you...and leaving you similarly vulnerable. (CNET)

The East Waynesville Baptist Church deals with the departure of their pastor after he expelled members for not supporting the Republicans. (New York Times)

The future of fuel cells: carbon nanostructures (Wired)

NASA bets that solar sails could power the next generation of probes for our solar system. (CNN)

Also on the solar-powered space exploration front: NASA plans on using a solar powered airplane to explore Venus (CNN)

The Supreme Court rules that laws that ban out-of-state wine sales are unconstitutional. That means states HAVE to let you buy wine from out of state...but it doesn't mean that they can't tax the daylights out of you or limit how much you can purchase (Like Ohio does). Still, a step in the right direction. (CNN)

Alcohol is more damaging to female brains. Drink up, guys! (BBC)

Oculus Innovative Sciences has developed an oxygenated water that's as effective at sterilizing surfaces as chlorine....and yet doesn't harm humans at all. (Wired)

IBM doesn't discourage employees from blogging. Unlike, say...the State of Ohio does... (CNET)

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is almost here!

London celebrates the premeire of Revenge of the Sith with a Star Wars marathon today. Lucky bastard brits... (CNN)

A reporter's diary of the Star Wars marathon in London (BBC)

George Lucas sees parallels between Revenge of the Sith and Vietnam...and Iraq (CNN)
Test your knowledge of Star Wars with this quickie quiz. I got a perfect score. Of course. (BBC).

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