Thursday, May 12, 2005


"It is my opinion that John Bolton is the poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be." -- Senator George Voinovich (R, OH). Bless you for having a spine, George. (New York Times/CNN)

The Real ID Act contains language that could damage the balance of our government. Great news for proto-fascists who oppose judicial review. (Ars Technica)

Tom Ridge says the Bush administration would raise terror threat alert levels over his objections. Well, duh. It's a political tool to keep the middle class afraid. (USA Today)

An Air Force Academy chaplain says that religious proselytizing...and a Major General in charge of all the chaplains for the Air Force just doesn't get it. Typical. (New York Times)

All military recruiting will stop for one day on May 20...and after that, they won't be able to get any recruits since they won't be able to lie any more...

A woman barred from reading the Bible at her son's school is suing the school district. Um, bitch, you don't have the right to push your religion on other peoples' children. Which is what you were trying to do. Sit down. Shut up. (NY Newsday)

Hate crimes against Muslims jumped FIFTY-TWO percent last year. But...Christianity is a religion of peace and tolerance. (UPI)

Bill gates believes cell phones will kill the iPod. Um...right. (CNNMoney)

Dell is planning a 19 inch notebook computer. At what point does it cease to become portable??? (CNET)

The Senate Commerce Committee is pushing for anti-spyware legislation this session. Chances are, though...they won't be able to get rid of spyware...or it'll just morph into something else. (CNET)

Chappelle found! ...In a psychiatric hospital in South Africa??? Season Three ain't comin' any time soon...

Movie Trailers
Batman Begins trailer 2 (international cut)
Rize trailer
Damn Apple for inserting coding into most of their trailers to prevent direct links. They hate people actually DOWNLOADING the trailers. God's sakes! We might WATCH them.

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