Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Coming soon to your town: BRUCE CAMPBELL!!!

So, Bruce Campbell Online has added a TON of dates to the forthcoming book tour for Bruce's second literary masterpiece, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way (His first book, If Chins Could Kill : Confessions of a B Movie Actor is a classic memoir and a must read for any movie fan)...and he's probably getting pretty durn near you folks.

The "Summer of Love" Tour
June 5-7: Burbank, CA
June 11: Sacramento, CA
June 13-14: San Francisco, CA
June 16-18: New York City, NY
June 20: Philadelphia, PA
June 21: Washington, D.C.
June 22: Pittsburgh, PA
June 27: Seattle, WA
June 28: Vancouver, WA
June 29: Portland, OR
June 30: Eugene, OR
July 1: Medford, OR
July 5-6: Austin, TX
July 7: Dallas, TX
July 8: Oklahoma City, OK
July 9: Salt Lake, UT
July 11: Denver, CO
July 12: Albuquerque, NM
July 13: Phoenix, AZ
July 14-16: San Diego, CA
July 21-24: Detroit, MI
July 25: Toronto, Ontario
July 26-27: Minneapolis, MN
July 28: Milwaukee, WI
July 29-31: Chicago, IL
Aug 1: Lexington/Louisville, KY
Aug 2: Cincinnati, OH
Aug 3: Dayton, OH
Aug 6-7: Cleveland, OH
Aug 15: Atlanta, GA
Aug 16: Orlando, FL
Aug 17: Miami, FL
Aug 18-19: Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
Aug 20-21: Baltimore, MD
Aug 22: Nashville, TN
Aug 23: Memphis, TN
Aug 24-25: St. Louis, MO
Aug 26: Kansas City
Aug 29: Iowa City, IA
Aug 30: Omaha/Sioux Falls, NE
Sep 2-3: Anchorage, AK
Sep 10: Buffalo, NY
Sep 12: Syracuse, NY
Sep 13: Providence, RI
Sep 14: New Haven, CT
Sep 15: Hartford, CT
Sep 16: Boston, MA
Sep 17: New York

...and, as if the possibility of meeting The Man isn't enough...his site has this little teaser image down in the corner...(looks like that remake is going full steam ahead...)

It's not much...but it hints that the gears may be turning in that direction...

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