Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A federal judge is ordering a new probe into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing...not to explore those fictional links to Iraq that the Right brings up now and again...but to a group of (right-wing) White Supremacists... Let me say it one more time for the folks in the cheap seats...RIGHT WINGERS SUPPORT TERRORISTS BECAUSE THE REFUSE TO BRING TERROR GROUPS FROM THEIR CONSITUENCY TO JUSTICE!!! (Washington Post)

The religious right is now putting a NEW magnet on their cars (besides the yellow ribbons that show they support the troops [even though a yellow ribbon means you want someone to COME HOME]; the red, white and blue ones that say "God Bless America", the fucking Ten Commandments [that about 99.99% of Christians conveniently ignore while demanding they be displayed publically]; etc...). Yes. You read that picture right. BUSH: One Nation...Under God. It's for the best, folks. It's no longer the USA. We live in Bush. Fucking assclowns. (Wonkette)

Tom Ridge defends the wholly unnecessary color-coded terror alert know, the one they keep using to say that we're going to be attacked by terrorists ANY MINUTE NOW. Of course, they always seem to save us at the last minute. Is the Bush Administration full of writers from the Weekly World News??? (Washington Post)

OK, OK...I admit it. Women ARE smarter than men... (Washington Post)

It's against the law to live together out of wedlock in North Carolina. The South ain't backwards! Nope! Nosiree! (Washington Post) men respond to scent triggers differently than straight men? Homosexuality is BIOLOGICAL??? But...but...what about all those Christian therapy programs that turn gay men straight? Are you telling me they're utter BULLSHIT??? (New York Times)

Garrison Keillor on why right wingers dominate talk radio: "Republicans are in need of affirmation, they don't feel comfortable in America and they crave listening to people who think like them." (The Nation)

Congress returns to imposing arbitrary mandatory minimum sentences for crimes (New York Times)

Speaking of alternative energy sources...someone put a turbine in front of Bill Maher's mouth. He spews enough hot air on occasion... (Huffington Post)

Gary Hart on leaving Iraq: Exit or Empire? (Huffington Post)

Real ID Act watch:
The Senate has passed the Real ID Act. It now goes to the president. Whee. (CNET)
An excellent analysis of the recently passed Real ID Act (Bruce Schneier)
States are already talking about challenging the Real ID Act (AP)
A website has also opened up to organize pressure against the measure

...and, in related news...Jesus Christ can't get a driver's license in WV... (CNN)

Toshiba announces the next generation of HD DVD...before their first generation HD DVD even catches on

Those wonderful widgets in OSX Tiger...well, they could open the door for attacks on your Macintosh. Whee. (CNet)

Next up from Apple -- a tablet Mac? (The Mac Observer)

Details are leaking about the XBox 360 (someone buy me one now!!!) (CNet/

What's the matter with Dave Chappelle? Now, more than ever, we need his fearless brand of comedy. (Newsweek)

King Tut had buck teeth. One the plus side, he was still better looking than Prince Charles. (New York Times)

Muslim groups praise Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven for its accurate and noble portrayal of 12 century Islam (Al Jazeera)

Good-bye Hunter S by John Cusack (Huffington Post)

The Evans Book of Rules: The Celebration of the Individual by Robert Evans (Huffington Post)

After how many umpteen years (and I really don't remember it being anything but the old Glaser it's been a WHILE), DC Comics changes their logo -- though honestly...I kinda like it. (Oliver Willis)

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