Wednesday, May 25, 2005

After a long week off, we've returned. Pardon me is some of these headlines are less than fresh...

Pat Tillman's parents say that the military cover up into their son's death has made it more difficult to deal with their loss. But, you know...he's a hero and all, so the Bush Administration will doubtless find a way to blame the 'liberal media' for all this instead of accepting the responsibiltiy for their actions like adults. (MSNBC)

Proposed expansions to the FBI's power worry Senate Democrats. Perhaps the Republicans don't remember a little autocrat named J Edgar Hoover... (CNN)

Have our efforts to secure overseas ports made the US more vulnerable to attack? Yes, they have! (New York Times)

Rick Santorum on gay marriage: "It threatens my marriage. It threatens all marriages." Um, only threatens your marriage if you'd rather be with a man than your wife. Is there something you wanted to tell us? (Wonkette)

A college student is barred from attending a speech by President Bush simply because he's wearing a Young Democrats t-shirt. Totalitarianism is so classy. (Tuscon Citizen)

Oh, fun. The Supreme Court is hearing another case about abortion law. This, and supposedly William Rehnquist wants to retire. It's gonna be a fun summer in Washington. (CNN)

The Voyager I space probe is now at the edge of our solar system.

Apple adds podcasting capability to GarageBand...but doesn't bother adding RSS functionality to iTunes so you can listen to podcasts on that...(CNET)

Brainwashing our youth about Intellectual Property at an early age... (CNET)

Thurl Ravenscroft, voice of Tony the Tiger and singer on How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is dead at 91 (CNN)

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The Descent (flash trailer...not downloadable)
Revolver UK teaser
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