Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey, a big shout-out to my friends at the Ohio BMV, who are no apparently investigating me...most likely because I defend and know they're a bunch of incompetant, double-dealing, back-stabbing fuckstains. Yeah, that means you, Bill Whitmore. You can kiss my ass. If you work for the State, click here. Anyway, here's a look at what's going on in the world...

It's a miracle!
IT'S A SIGN! The Virgin Mary wants to tell us she's all for the new Pope...oh, and that the State of Ohio can kiss my ass.

It's a miracle I'm not in jail yet!
DeLay criticizes a REPUBLICAN Supreme Court Justice for voting with his brain, not his party card...of course this is all misdirection to divert attention from his ethical violations...

FoxNews claims that it was Iraqi agents and not right wing assholes who bombed the Murrah Federal Building. Can anyone say crock of shit??? (thanks to DC Media Girl for pointing me in the direction of the article)

It's a miracle I can complete a sentence!
The immigrant governor of California calls for a closed border...
...then backtracks and says he didn't mean it. Way to play both sides of the fence, Governator...

Someone should make a movie about this guy. Problem is, it would be a porno.

Right wing nutjob spits tobacco juice on Jane Fonda. This left winger silently applauds.


It's a miracle I still have a career!
Hollywood nutter to play Wonko the Sane, at least on the radio

Cranky old guys rule. Why? Because they do stuff like shoot their own cars.

Have I mentioned lately that I love The Onion?

Yep. I love The Onion...

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