Friday, April 01, 2005

Fables #34-35
writer: Bill Willingham
artist: David Hahn
published by Vertigo Comics

Long, long ago, when Fables first started (I can't believe it's been three years already), there was a bit of lip service paid to the fact that the popularity of each Fable character was important to keeping them alive. The more well-known/well-liked they were, the more vital they were.
Hence the first two issues of this three issue storyline where Jack, being the inveterate schemer that he is, heads off to Hollywood with a fortune in stolen gold. He has a plan: he's going to make himself the most popular fable of them all.
In short order, Jack begins collecting showbiz contacts, remaining a mystery man in the background of his Nimble Studios, "John Trick".
Trick assembles a team that produces a trilogy of movies about Jack. And they're successful. Really successful. There's just one problem. Fabletown law dictates that the fables must remain hidden from humanity. And no matter how hard he tries, people want to know about John Trick.
Sure enough, Jack gets caught (he always does). Beast, the sheriff of Fabletown arrives to collect him...and offers a unique solution worthy of his predecessor Bigby Wolf. The last page promises that we've seen the last of Jack...but I just can't believe it.
Issue three of the arc details the happenings over the five years that Jack was in Hollywood. I'm guessing Willingham needed Snow and Bigby's children a bit more developed for what he's planning next...though time is kinda irrelevant to immortal fables...
Now, my one bitch about this storyline. David Hahn's artwork might be the worst art I've seen in this series. It's static, it's kinda cartoony at times, and it might be just a bit too overly simplistic. Thankfully, he won't be around long. Sorry, Mr Hahn. I'm just not a fan.

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