Thursday, April 14, 2005


Eric Robert Rudolph reveals his motives for his terrorist attacks. Essentially, he's a right-wing nutjob. Gee. Go figure.

Conservatives have a Day of Truth to protest against gays. Would idiots still be behind them if the Day of Truth was against colored people? Or women? C'mon, people. A bigot is a bigot.

Connecticut Episcopalians would rather be bigots than in their church...

Tom DeLay "apologizes" for threatening the judicial branch of the government. So why does the apology still sound like a threat?

Also, if he still wants an independent judiciary (a lie), why is he calling for greater review of the judicial process by Congress?

Hey -- the Chinese government is blocking people's access to and coming down hard on political dissent on the internet...sounds like the State of Ohio to me...

Congress is taking steps to protect political bloggers. Too bad the State of Ohio doesn't believe that bloggers have any free speech rights...

The US Marshalls service captures over 10,000 fugitives in a week. Without the help of America's Most Wanted


Prisoners executed by lethal injection are aware while they die. I thought it was "humane"...guess death penalty advocates are WRONG AGAIN...

I wasn't drunk...honest. Not even when they took the mug shot of me all drunk. Really. (whatEVER)

(BARF!) UPN rolls out their Britney Spears reality show on May 17. The world ends soon thereafter out of sheer stupidity.

Martial arts legend Yuen Qiu (now in her first movie in 30 years, Kung Fu Hustle) is arrested for illegal gambling in Hong Kong

Rock legend and Chuck Berry collaborator Johnnie Johnson dead at 80. The Big Beat is silenced...

Redneck sells property for $5 million -- do you think he's going to build another shack with the money?

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