Sunday, June 26, 2005

So... What gives???

OK. I've been harangued a lot over the last week. "When are you gonna update Neurotrash?" "What happened to the headlines?" Blah blah blah blah blah.
Here's the deal: I got so god-damn frothed up over politics in the last few months (mostly due to the continued stupidity, corruption and malfeasance in our government -- state and federal) that it's overshadowed every bit of creative juice that I used to put into this site.
I was reading over 100 news and political feeds a day. From CNN to Oliver Willis' late (and lamented) blog, I was taking in a lot of insane amount of data about what's going on and why. And trimming it down into daily updates took an assload of time. Time I was, at the time, willing to spend.
The amount of rage necessary to sustain daily updates isn't constructive at all. It can occasionally be humorous, yes. But it doesn't do anything for your outlook on the world.
[On a side note, I ran into Mike Coleman (mayor of Columbus and hopefully the next governor of Ohio) again yesterday. Great guy -- I hope he continues to kick ass and take names all the way to the Senate...or even the executive branch of federal service (and I ain't talking Secretary of Education, bozos).]
So, I'm reassessing things. I'm taking a well-deserved break. And I'm working on a few things that require more of my immediate attention. I'll be back. Maybe soon.

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