Wednesday, June 08, 2005

CRACKS IN THE DMCA!!! Lexmark loses its suit to prevent a company from circumventing the security measures in their printers that force you to use Lexmark brand print cartridges. Yes, that's right. There's now federal precedence that circumvention measures might be in the public's best interests. Will the rest of the draconian measure still hold together? (CNET)

So it's true. Apple is dropping the PowerPC chip manufactured by IBM in favor of chips made by Intel. Why? Well, for starters, they want to be able to put faster chips into their laptops, and IBM's been unable to deliver. How the new chip architechture will work with OS X remains to be seen. But Apple seems pretty confident that they're doing the right thing. (Wired)
Forbes doesn't seem to think the switch will do Apple any good. What they don't understand is that Apple made the decision not based on cost, but based on processing speed. (Forbes)
An analysis of why now was the right time to switch to the Intel processor -- a bit too techie for me... (OS News)

After complaints that Apple was abandoning open source, they've opened up a project to develop more open source software (CNET)

The Deep Impact probe is almost ready to crash into the Tempel 1 comet. Fascinating stuff. And it promises to get even more fascinating. (CNN)

A research institute is suing the Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institute on Drug Use for obstructing research into the medical applications of marijuana. Could this suit finally open the floodgates to medical applications of cannabis at the federal level? (Wired)

Certain cultural subgroups of dolphins use tools. Funky. (CNN)

United Airlines has FAA approval to offer wi-fi internet service on its flights. Of course, they'll charge an arm and a leg for it... (Wired)

Speakers as thin as a sheet of fabric? It could happen sooner than you think... (CNET)

iTunes is more popular now than any other music download service (including pirates) except WinMX (CNET)

Would you let this man through a border crossing? Even after you found a sword, a knife and a chainsaw in his trunk? (CNN)

Fascinating article on the cutural subgroup of the Akihabara district of Tokyo (Washington Post)

Niche DVD rental firms continue to grow in the shadow of Netflix and Blockbuster. The mom and pop shop's not quite dead yet. (CNET)

Yo! PUDDING! (Defamer)

Dr Tom Cruise blog. Too damn funny. (Defamer)

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