Saturday, June 04, 2005


The 16th anniversary or Tiananmen has come and gone...and still no freedom in China (sigh...) (BBC)

007 worked for NASA??? Wha??? (Wired)

Insert random DUMBASS comment here. A lost work by Alexandre Dumas is published in France. When the hell's it getting translated? (BBC)

New use for satellite photos: show off man's devastation to the planet...including urban sprawl, deforestation and damage to the water table (CNN)

A conservation group has filed a lawsuit against the government to reveal their data about how military sonar might be injuring whales...Hmmm. Do ya think??? (CNN)

The world premiere of War of the Worlds in Japan has been cancelled due to security issues. Like what? Someone has to keep the gay people and the drug companies away from Tom Cruise???

Improv Everywhere stages an "impromptu" U2 rooftop show the day of a concert in NYC...and gets arrested. Awesome. (

Jackie Chan vs the Copyright Pirates. The audience loses. (ABC)

Comics fans are in contempt of women? WHAT??? Someone's stuck in the 90s here. This guy should have been at Wizard World Dallas last year...the women there were, oddly, gorgeous. And plentiful. I think we have Hugh Jackman to thank for that. Or Ryan Reynolds. Whatever. Hot comic fan girls...mmmmmmmmmm. (Neil Gaiman)

Congratulations to Penn Jillette and his wife Emily on the birth of their daughter, Moxie Crimefighter Jillette (Coolest. Name. Ever.) (Neil Gaiman)

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