Sunday, June 05, 2005

Howard Dean RULES. That is all. (CNN)

Skype is taking their software to the next level - full VOIP service (Wired)

With attacks on judges on the rise, Congress is looking into how to protect the judiciary. The problem is, with idiots like Tom DeLay condoning threats...can we trust Congress to protect them??? (Washington Post)

Are scientists close to developing a vaccine for the Marburg virus or Ebola? Let's hope so. (New York Times)

Live 8 isn't about fundraising. Instead it's about enlightening the populace to debt forgiveness...which could be more valuable to the Third World than humanitarian aid. Bob Geldoff is also planning a protest to coincide with the concerts, which are slated to match the dates of the G8 summit in the UK (BBC)

After 5 weeks, the Mars rover Opportunity is freed from a sand dune to continue its mission. Coolness. (CNN)

Speaking of Mars and Martians...the premiere of War of the Worlds is back on in Japan, in a better venue... (BBC)

Movie Trailers
Alias season 1 japanese dvd preview
Alias season 1 gag reel
Alias season 2 japanese dvd preview
Batman Begins japanese trailer
Full Metal Alchemist: The Movie japanese trailer
Herbie: Fully Loaded japanese trailer
Hitch japanese trailer
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou japanese trailer
Mask 2 japanese trailer (aka Son of the Mask)
Mr Incredible japanese dvd trailer (aka The Incredibles)
Open Water japanese trailer
Stormy Night japanese trailer
Touch japanese trailer
Zeta Gundam: The New Translation japanese trailer

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