Saturday, July 10, 2004

Ex Machina #1

writer: Brian K. Vaughn
artist: Tony Harris
published by Wildstorm/DC Comics

Brian K. Vaughn is a great writer. Considering he's already writing two of my favorite books on the stands right now, Runaways and Y, the Last Man, you'd think his bag of tricks would be emptying.
No such chance. This tale of the world's first superhero is one of the most original, smart and just goddamn well-written books I've read this year. Mitchell Hundred was a civil engineer who accidentally gained the ability to speak to all complex machinery. Initially, he used his abilities to become a superhero, the stuff he read about in comics as a kid.
Then, reality set in. The authorites weren't really happy with him playing vigilante. So, still wanting to make a difference in the world, he ran for mayor on New York City. And won.
The story is told in flashback. We're given advance notice that things end badly. How badly, I don't care to guess. Especially after the final page shocker that shows you how different things really are in this world Vaughn's created. It's a cheap shot, but it's damn effective. This one's going on my list of things to pick up monthly, and I don't think I'll be disappointed at all.

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