Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye TPB

(reprinting issues #1-6)
writer: Robert Kirkman
artist: Tony Moore
published by Image Comics

I'd heard good things about The Walking Dead. Eventually, you hear enough good things about something, get off your ass and see for yourself. Two weeks ago, I bought my first issue of the series. I'd hoped to get the trade, but they were out at the local shop. So, I started off the series with issue #7. It knocked me on my ass.
This trade (which I might mention is an ultra-cheap $10) reprints the first six issues of the series.
When first you meet the series' protagonist, Rick, he's getting shot during a gun battle with a criminal. He wakes up in a hospital, after he's been in a coma for a month. Turns out...the world has gone to shit. Most of the population is dead. And a good portion of the dead...are on their feet looking for food (read: the living).
Rick returns to his house and finds his family gone, but no bodies. After finding a living neighbor, Rick finds out that the population was evacuated to the cities to protect them better and sets out to the nearest major city, Atlanta, to see if he can find them.
In the forward to the book, Kirkman says that the series is Rick's journey, so I'm guessing he's safe. The rest of the characters...well, I'm wary of getting attached to them. It's a zombie story, and zombie stories need human victims. Kirkman also says that he's in this for the long haul, so I'm looking forward to years worth of harrowing tales of Rick's travels. Have I mentioned that the trade is super cheap? You've got no excuse! Buy it now!!!

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