Saturday, July 10, 2004

Another Nail #1-2 (of 3)

writer: Alan Davis
art: Alan Davis and Mark Farmer
published by DC Comics

While Marvel is, for the most part, doing everything in their power to lose me as a reader, DC seems to be doing everything right. I'd bet if I picked up more of their books, I'd be reading more and more of them.
As it is, there's no way I'd miss a book by Alan Davis. He's one of my favorite comics artists. And, after his previous DC-spanning miniseries, The Nail...he's one of my favorite writers, too. The first Nail miniseries posed the question, "What if the Kents hadn't found Kal-El/Clark?"
Well, a year after the events of the original series, Another Nail picks up the story. Superman's been working overtime fighting for truth, justice and the American way since his unveiling. Darkseid discovers something on Earth and the discovery drives him to unleash a Doomsday weapon that destroys his planet Apokalips. The Green Lantern Corps investigates a mysterious drain on the great lantern that charges all of their power rings. On Earth, Superman fights Despero and Evil Star and experiences a momentary loss of power.
The second issue features more buildup towards the third issue's conclusion. Davis keeps the frenetic pacing up, and more pieces fall into place. Something's going on with time and dimensions, reaching a crisis level. He juggles impossible amounts of characters and story details with deft ease and makes everything look spectacular while he's doing it. If you don't pick up the individual issues, I'm positive a trade paperback will be in the works.

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