Saturday, July 10, 2004

CLA$$WAR #4 (of 6)

writer: Rob Williams
artist: Travel Foreman
published by Com.X

Marvel Comics must have something against CLA$$WAR. Travel Foreman just took over the art duties on this LONG overdue book and Marvel hired him for something or other, just like the previous artist, Trevor Hairsine (who's been at Marvel almost a year, so you know it's been a long time).
Sad. CLA$$WAR is everything that Frank Miller's DK2 promised to be. What happens when the superheroes fight back against the system? What happens when they've had enough of the corruption and back-room dealings? This is a strong, mean anti-establishment book, and likely will not appeal to the GOP at all. If you have any doubts about how the government handles things, If you're a conspiracy nut, or if you're just generally paranoid...this is a comic made for you.
A brief recap: The American was the shining star in the US's super-soldier program. With powers not unlike Superman, he could kick the asses of any of the US' enemies. Problem is, thanks to Isaac, a rogue intelligence agent, American knows just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how full of shit it really is. So, he's run off to the banana republic of Glenada (I do love comics geography) and he's kicking the living crap out of the US occupation force.
While American and Isaac are planning their next move and uploading incriminating video to the internet, his fellow superpowered operatives are tearing ass through the countryside, looking to rip him a new one. Meanwhile, the ex-Nazi scientist who created all these metahuman monsters transforms one last soldier with his process. Things look bad, and will likely get worse.
With only two issues left in the series, I'm guessing there will be major bloodshed in the coming pages (yes, I know #5 is out, but I haven't found it yet). The revelation of the human cost of these champions of America is horrific enough, but when the new superguy...well, loses a bit of his don't know whether to laugh your head off or hworf (I chose laughter. It's the best medicine, after all).
I hope Foreman got #6 done. Because if finding a new artist takes as long this time, I don't see the book being finished before the next millenium.

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