Friday, July 16, 2004

Resident Evil -- Commentary Review

So Adam has convinced me to do a tag-team review of Jackass.  As usual I'll be doing the commentary reviews which means watching the film not once but TWICE.  Surely, there must be a room in hell where this is already happening to people.  I can hear the screams.
I've been prepping all week.  I've purchased extra beer, I've stopped sleeping...I haven't actually gone out and purchased the DVD yet, but little steps, little steps.  I've thought perhaps I should urinate on myself to get into the spirit of things.
Finally, in preparation I thought I'd do one more real commentary review.  The much anticipated Resident Evil 2 is coming out soon (anticipated by me, I am a major fan of the girls with guns kicking ass genre which is not to be confused with girl in sexy costume shaking ass and somehow people get hurt genre.  Catwoman falls into genre two while Alien falls into genre one, and don't you forget it). 
In honor of Resident Evil 2, and lovers of racoons everywhere, I give you the commentary review for Resident Evil.  It's a shorty because there's only so much you can say about 6 minutes of Milla Jovovich talking about show breast on camera. 
Resident Evil
This is a group commentary featuring Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Anderson, and the producer.  Some interesting location details were given, there was a significant amount of gossip about the co-stars, and general details about the filming.  These people were having a great time together and were not self-conscious at all which gave the commentary the feel of a group of friends sitting down to drinks.  I particularly enjoyed Michelle Rodriguez’ take on her character.  These are people that if I were drinking heavily I’d love to party with, BUT the overall shallowness of their conversation reflects in words what you see on the screen.   Oh yes, and Milla Jovovich, showed her breast (only one and she says it's the right breast), and comments at length on how this demonstrates her commitment to the film. 
As an aside, the women in the film both hit stuntmen during fight scenes.  They felt that this showed their commitment, and that if they weren't really going for it the audience could tell.  Ladies, hitting stuntman (unless they're paying you to on some sort of hourly arrangement) is not cool and simply shows your inexperience.

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