Friday, June 11, 2004

The Chronicles of Riddick

I just got back from watching this film. Now before I go off the deep end, let me say I got thrown out of Pitch Black for plot commentary unbecoming a lady so maybe it wasn't a great idea to go see Riddick. But I have a sick, sick addiction -- I must watch all science fiction.

It's not like me to rant. It's not like me to rave. And ranting and raving at the same time? Frankly, it happens so rarely its like a funny Leno monologur. And yet I can't stay silenced on subject of Riddick.

I escaped hell to attend Riddick and about half-way through I realized hell wasn't that bad. The bad editing, the music video like pacing, the ridiculous plot, and the really really really lame science. I'd comment on the characters, but there weren't any.

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