Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Zero Effect -- Commentary Review

As I loved this Sherlock Holmes remake, I’m going to find it hard to separate my love for the film from my opinion of the commentary. Of course I note that only me and one guy in Chicago liked this film, and that guy also loved Pearl Harbor so you know you can't trust his ass.

The director and writer, Jake Kasdan, comments on his work. I found that he tended to comment on those camera angles that I found particularly interesting, and to ignore those I felt were trivial. He clearly respects his actors, and he doesn’t believe anyone on the planet will listen to his commentary. This reminds me, he features a little contest on the commentary. If you find him and repeat the secret message he delivers one word at a time throughout his commentary he’ll give you five bucks. However, as the Zero effect was pretty much the high point of his career you better find him fast because he may not have money for much longer. Enjoy.

Like the wonderful Chiodo Brothers I find myself wondering, WHAT HAPPENED TO JAKE KASDAN. How can you make a film like the Zero Effect or Orange County and then vanish into obscurity. It’s 2004 and I want Jake Kasdan!

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