Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Thomas Crowne Affair -- The Remake: Commentary Review

John McTeirnan comments on his work. And comments and comments, and after a while you notice he’s only talking about the look of his film, particularly the how he sets up his camera shots. His angles are chosen to highlight costuming. He had Rene Russo’s hair cut during the filming because he didn’t like the way it looked. Mind you, I’m sure many directors make these types of decisions during the course of shooting. My point is that hair decisions are what he felt was valuable to put in a commentary. Can anyone say micromanaglemaniac? Hunh, micromanaglemaniac, nope can't say it. In fact his attention to the slick look of the film, and his own demeanor perhaps underscores why the lead characters come off as surreally cold and driven. If I had to pair this commentary with any other, it would be the Saint’s. These are both excellent commentaries to listen to in the I-am-a-detail-oriented-freak style of film making.

McTeirnan has gone on to make such classics as Rollerball and will soon delight us with Die Hard 4: Die.....Hardest. Perhaps he should bring in some idea people so he can focus on hair and lighting -- his clear delights -- as plots and characterization just ain't homeboy's thang.

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