Monday, December 01, 2003

Microsoft are poopieheads and they eat poop and they are made of poop!

Internet Explorer can kiss my ass.
So, I've had terrible trouble with the Javascript in IE for some time now, and everyone I talked to just dismissed it as another shit Microsoft product pissing down my leg. I, being gullible, kept trying to get Explorer to work the way it's supposed to. Yeah, I'm THAT FUCKING STUPID.
So, on the advice of some fucking advice drone at Microsoft, I reconfigured my security and privacy settings. Nothin. Less than nothing, actually. Lowering my security settings actually made it more DIFFICULT to do shit. Go figure.
Well, that wasn't enough. I whined and bitched about it continually, and eventually someone told me I should reset my internet options in IE and install Sun's Java application. Man, was that a fucking mistake. As bad as IE was, it sucked even harder with the alien Java installed. It fucked up Explorer to the point where I could no longer log onto Blogger to edit this which point I went totally fucking insane.
Well, after all this drama...a white knight rode in and had me download Mozilla Firebird. Damn, if it's not FASTER and EASIER to use than Microsoft's shit browser. AND...I can use all the weird Javascript that didn't work before...except for StatTracker for my fantasy football league. Well, I guess I'll have to keep IE for my weekend addiction.
Thanks much to the blueman for hooking me up with a browser that WORKS.
Had I a medal to give you...