Saturday, December 06, 2003

JamesLaw - New Kid on the Blog

Hello, everyone. I'm an invitee of Adam Bicsanszky (better known as FOOKA or UncleFooka or UncleFucka to those less familiar). I met Adam in the world of IRC, hunkered away in room that's a spin off of this site here. So, you're probably guessing that I'm a huge movie geek . . . and you sir (or madame) are correct! (Have a cigar.) I've met tons of other cool people in said same place: Sherri, Sandy, former President Bill Clinton. (Actually, I ran into Bill in the Hot Teenz Home Alone room, but only because I was new to IRC at the time and didn't know how to navigate the damn thing.)

Bill says, "Hi!"

I'm new to this whole BLOGGING technowhatchamacalit. But as karma would have it, I opened up my fresh copy of the ABA Journal this morning and, lo and behold, the issue deals with ten new technologies utilized in the legal profession. One of the top five happens to be Weblogs. The uptight, anal-retentive professionals of the law (myself included) call them WEBLAWGS. Who said that legal professionals are artistically dead? See? They call them webLAWGs. HA! Ahem . . . (ellipses copyrighted by Harry Knowles 1997).

I'll leave you today with this. Y'know, if wolves could fly helicopters they'd do the same to us!

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