Friday, November 28, 2003

Uncanny X-Men #432

Writer: Chuck Austen
Art: Philip Tan
published by Marvel Comics

Chuck Austen is trying way to hard to become Chris Claremont. Sure, Claremont perfected the X-Men back in the 80s. Since then, though, the man's been so off his game he's become unreadable. And this mess is rapidly becoming the same.
In this ish, we find out Nightcrawler is the spawn of a demon-like being called Azazel who's supposedly Satan. Of course, EVERY demon in the Marvel Universe is supposedly Satan. Yawn. Isn't like half the Marvel Universe related to Satan? Or is that just Stan Lee?
In a parallel story, the Juggernaut travels to Canada to visit Sammy the fish-boy and finds out that Sammy's dad is an abusive bastard. Juggy throws down on the dad, and Alpha Flight show up to deal with the Jugster. Hopefully, next ish is Juggalicious laying the smack down on Canada's premeire super team. Because I am sooooo close to dropping this book.