Saturday, November 29, 2003

New X-Men #148

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Phil Jiminez
published by Marvel Comics

At least there's still one great book with the word X-Men in the title. Grant Morrison's long been one of my favorite writers, in spite of the fact that I've never read The Invisibles. And his run on New X-Men has been nothing short of stellar.
At this point, the X-Men are pretty much done for. Magneto's crippled Professor X (again), possibly blown up Cyclops and the mutant thief Fantomex and sent Phoenix and Wolverine hurtling towards the sun in the remains of Asteroid M.
Plus, Magneto's taken over the island of Manhattan and is turning it into a new mutant nation, complete with a planned genocide of all the non-mutant residents.
Morrison likes to think big. Yessiree, he does. The X-Men have always been about saving the world, and Morrison does a good job of keeping the earth in peril. And, the X-Men as well. Wolverine's final actions in this issue are built on the hopelessness of his situation. And what happens next promises to be...BIG.
I can't wait.