Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blade 2!

I just saw the new Blade last night, and I know I don't usually comment on actual films, but I got to got to got to say DAMN that film kicked ass.

A lot of critics are nailing this film to the wall for its uneveness, its shoddy editing, Wesley Snipes' crappy acting, and Ryan Reynolds' campy Van Wilder the Vampire Killer act. I DON'T CARE. I loved all of it. I dug the uneveness. I thought Wesley did a fairly good job, and his delivery in at least two points in the film had me howling. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong, and I wish I had brought a pad to jot down some of those one liners.

My only complaint was with the editing of the fight scenes, and the poor establishing shots at nearly every location.

Apart from that I had a great time, I left the theatre satisfied, and I didn't have that niggling sensation, as I often do at the end of comic based genre films, that something was missing. Seriously, what more can you ask?

Oh yeah, when can we get the DVD?

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