Friday, December 31, 2004

Commentary Review - Wimbledon

Richard Loncraine (Director) and Paul Bettany (Peter Colt) do a delightful two-fer. This is a fairly craft focussed commentary detailing acting and camera work. Paul Bettany is far more restrained in this commentary then he was in his pairing with Brian Helgeland on the "A Knight's Tale" commentary. Richard and Paul come of more as a mentor/grasshopper pairing than a true friends pairing, and you won't find any dirt in this discussion whatsoever. This is a by the book, totally PC, we're all one big happy family conversation. I've heard so many commentaries that sound just like this that I think there's a single script they all use entitled "Keeping it Clean and Offending No One" by Ian A. Lawyer.

In any event the camera work, most of it derivative, is excellent so Loncraine's comments are pretty interesting. Although, it's difficult to watch the Matrix timeline technique which once proudly underscored fight scenes and sold fine products used in a, oh god I can barely say it, a romantic comedy.

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