Monday, November 29, 2004

Geek Love: DS9

So I've been going back through my old Deep Space 9 DVD's, and recategorizing them by plot line.

The Redemption of Garak
The Mystification of Julian Bashir
The Love of Kira and Odo
The Temptation of Kai Wynn
The Madness of Gul Dukat
The Complexity of Quark
The Sexuality of Dax
The Ascent into Prophecy of Benjamin Sisko

To my mind DS9 was easily the best of the Star Trek series. I mean for once we have Star Fleet personnel who aren't perfect. Conspiracies and errors in judgment abound, the people are real and they face real conflicts. Besides, let's face it, Gul Dukat, Odo, and Garak are totally hot -- I do like the tortured characters.

Where is my Farscape, my Firefly, my Angel, my Babylon 5, and my DS9?

What happened to the world? It seems like only yesterday I turned off DS9, and now I turn the f*cker on to find it filled with the Biggest Loser, the Apprentice, and Fear Factor.

I want my worlds back. I miss Odo, I miss Benjamin Sisko, and Garak. I miss turning on the TV and ESCAPING my world for an hour.

I miss Geek Love.

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