Friday, October 22, 2004

Ultimate X-Men #52

writer: Brian K Vaughn
artist: Andy Kubert
published by Marvel Ultimate

The Ultimate line has taken great liberties with a great many of the key events in Marvel continuity, but Fenris was never one of them.
The Strucker twins came along at the end of Chris Claremont's great run on Uncanny X-Men (back when it was still the only X-book). I don't know if they even deserve a footnote, other than they're the children of Baron Strucker from Captain America's rich gallery of cookie-cutter villains.
In the "Cry Wolf" storyline, they twins are heads of a multinational corporation who "help" mutants by exploiting their talents. They've kidnapped Rogue with the intention of using her as a corporate spy, using her ability to steal memories to their advantage. The lady begs to differ. Big mistake, yadda yadda...
Honestly, this is damn near the weakest stuff I've read from Brian Vaughn, except when he lets bits of the characters seep through...say for instance, the scenes back at the mansion. That's up to his usual standard. I guess it's just the Strucker twins that are a matching pair of bigass clown shoes.

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