Friday, October 22, 2004

Challengers of the Unknown #5 (of 6)

writer: Howard Chaykin
artist: Howard Chaykin
published by DC Comics

Howard Chaykin hates the government. He hates Republicans, but something makes me think he's not that thrilled with the Democrats either.
Damned if this isn't the most anti-establishment comic book of the last few years. A damning indictment of the media, the military industrial complex, the culture of fear, the current regime, etc..., the rethinking of Challengers of the Unknown is a gigantic bitchsmack to everything that is The Establishment, and there's still an issue left.
Chaykin's been on a tear lately, and I'm all for giving the man all the toys he needs to play. Because we get gems like ths.
Not many writer/artists are a total package like Chaykin. In fact, I can only think of two that can hope to equal his quality as both a writer and an artist -- Frank Miller and Alan Davis. Being in company like that, methinks, must be nice.

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