Friday, October 22, 2004

Ex Machina #4

writer: Brian K Vaughn
artist: Tony Harris
published by WildStorm Signature Series

I've lavished a lot of praise on Brian K Vaughn. I've been all over his dick since his first Marvel Max miniseries, The Hood, which I really, really, really wanted to hate (and couldn't). Then came Y, the Last Man and Runaways which are two of my favorite reads in recent memory (only Fables is better at DC, and maybe Astonishing X-Men at Marvel).
I have one word to say about the latest issue of Ex Machina, his meditation on superhero politics. Just one word to say about the story and the Bigass Twist (which is semi-telegraphed). Just one word to describe Tony Harris' beautiful art. One word to sum it all up...


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