Friday, October 22, 2004

Identity Crisis #5 (of 7)

writer: Brad Meltzer
artist: Rags Morales
published by DC Comics

I'm spoiled.
I've been reading too damn many good books lately. Maybe it's just me. Maybe we're in the middle of a new damn Golden Age. I'm still not sure about the decision on the part of DC to grit up their shiny universe...but this series is really driving the concept home.
There is a sequence at the end of the book that is quite simply heartbreaking. And Meltzer holds the moment for 14 pages. I just went back and counted. Half the damn book, and I thought it was maybe 4 or 5 pages.
Let me go over a few points.
Green Arrow fucking rocks.
Rags Morales' art has never been this breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly, earnestly wonderful.
Brad Meltzer's writing NAILS Batman. In two words, no less. "Not again..."
Powerful. And tragic.


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