Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving thanks...

This is one of those personal posts that would usually end up on someone's myspace page. Usually marked PRIVATE or FRIENDS ONLY or whatever they do. So, if you don't care about the personal stuff, hit the BACK button now. Or go watch the BME Pain Olympics. It'll brighten your day.

You know...I have a lot to be thankful for.
I ruminate on this every year. Even years I don't get the requisite turkey dinner and nonsense. I've come to take Thanksgiving seriously in my advanced age. No, seriously. I do.
I've set aside the day each year to think about what I really am thankful for. And every year, it comes down to two things: family and friends. They're the two things I'm most thankful for every year.
My family might be spread to the four winds. We might not get together nearly often enough. But...we are a family. The love is still there, and always will be, no matter what. I'm grateful to have what family I have. My sister and brother. My aunt and uncle. My niece and nephew. Even my Republican-in-name-only brother-in-law. Even if I haven't gotten to visit any of them this year (which totally sucks), I still feel close as can be to all of 'em.
My friends are the same way. They're the family that's grown up around me. Each of them might only cruise in to my life every six months, but the hour or two we get to spend together is precious time. I'm appreciative that they give of themselves to me every single day and, like the family, I try and let them know that.
Life is good. I feel I'm at the exact spot where I'm supposed to be, knowing what I need to know and who I need to know. That's satisfying in a way that the simpler definitions of success never can be.
I give thanks for all this, and all that is to come.


Steve said...

Will miss you, man. You will always be in our hearts. God bless.

Jeff said...

Rest in Peace, Adam

June 11, 1970 - December 10, 2007

Please encourage people to post remembrances at this Thanksgiving entry. This seems like the right place. Adam's brother, Pete, and sister, Eve, would appreciate it.

Huneybee said...

This is absolutely the right place to say goodbye to Adam as he expressed best on this post how he will be remembered by those of us lucky enough to have gotten to know him, whether it was in person or online. Since someone called and informed me of his passing this morning, he's been constantly in my thoughts, and his enormous love for his family and friends was the foremost thing that came to mind. It's no surprise to hear his demise was somehow heart related, as it was the piece of himself he gave freely to so many others. Followed closely, of course, by his mind. I loved ya for both, big guy, and you will always be remembered with as much love as you gave to me and those around you.

Pedro said...

I dont even know where to begin.... I miss you so much brother!!! Each year seems to get harder and harder as time tries to pull your memory away... I visit your final resting place and realize how much we were cheated and how messed up a world is to have taken you and left so many whom dont deserve the breath that they are so unthankful for. I try my best to remember you everyday and try to embrace the memories of what a great big brother I had!!!I am THANKFUL you were my BROTHER!