Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heroes metagame update

New email from Hana Gitelman -- the metagame seems kinda slow and lazy with letting information out there so far.
This one gave instructions in how to find Ted Sprague's file. If you've been paying attention, that's the Radioactive Hands guy who escaped from federal custody (and, if you saw the "extra scene" added last week, met with Hana).

Case File – C3003
Subject: Theodore Sprague (Known Aliases: Ted)
ABILITIES: Can emit radioactive energy from his body.
PERSONAL HISTORY: Sprague, a medical equipment salesman from Los Angeles, was tracked and captured during a routine business trip to Kansas. His wife, Karen, most likely died due to the manifestation of Sprague’s ability. She succumbed to cancer after enduring sustained exposure to high levels of radiation.

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson and LAPD officer Matt Parkman (see C3002 file) investigated the death of Robert Fresco, Karen Sprague’s oncologist, as a possible “Sylar” victim. Their investigation instead led them to Sprague, who admitted to accidentally killing Fresco with his radiological ability.

Sprague was soon apprehended while visiting his wife in the hospital. Karen died during the arrest, and Sprague was taken in for questioning by Hanson and Parkman. After questioning, Sprague escaped FBI custody during prisoner transport and fled to the Nevada desert. We captured him there. He has since escaped our custody.

Our preliminary testing indicates that Sprague’s body is capable of releasing upwards of 10,000 Ci of radiation, enough to cause immediate death.

Sprague blames both himself and us for his wife’s death. He may seek revenge.

DIRECTIVE: Capture and detain. Use extreme caution as Sprague is not only a danger to anyone attempting to capture him but also a danger to all within a radius of several square miles.

Since the emails/clues seem to come in pairs, there was a second one with a URL for Hana's personal webpage: http://www.samantha48616e61.com/
There's a wee bit more info at that page, but any further information seems only to be "coming soon".

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